Solunar Watches


Heuer produced a very unique set of watches that told both Solar and Lunar time.  The Solunar watch and Seafaarer Chronograph were developed by Heuer to not only tell normal time (solar) but had the additional feature of telling the lunar time or the orbit of the moon around the earth.  This would be important for fisherman, yachtsman and anyone who needed to know high and low tide periods.  In addition, lunar time is central to the Solunar Theory developed in 1926 by John Alden Knight to predict feeding patterns of fish and game.

Other companies contracted with Heuer to private label these watches including Abercrombie & Fitch, Orvis and Lyceum.

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Benrus Sky Chief Models

Benrus Sky Chief Watches

There is little doubt that the Benrus Sky Chief has garnered considerable attention among collectors over the years.  Advertised as the “Official Watch of Famous Airlines”, the Benrus Sky Chief was specially made for pilots and offered minute markers different than on any other chronograph from that era.  Most minute recorder chronograph watches have longer or accentuated markers at the 3, 6, 9 and sometimes 12 minute marks which aided in keeping track of long distance calls because the phone company charged by 3 minute intervals.  The Sky Chief was different.  According to John Opie, the Pilot/Military forum moderator at WatchUSeek, the unique markings at 4, 8 and 12 were used by pilots to aid in navigation prior to GPS technology.  Pilots would make 90 degree maneuvers at 4 minute intervals in order to better understand how wind was affecting the flight pattern.

The Sky Chief was offered in 3 basic models including the larger Valjoux 71 in steel with silver dial and rotating index bezel.  The black or brown dial version came in steel with either a Valjoux 72 or Venus 178 mechanism.  The triple date case in solid 14k gold or steel and was powered by the famous Valjoux 72c.

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Gruen Airflight

Gruen Airflight Watches

The Gruen Airflight watch has a unique dial with open apertures at each hour that show an inner disk which automatically changes at noon to 12-24 hour markers and at midnight to 1-12 hour markers. Favored by pilots, the Gruen Airflight is often seen with a logo for the Airforce Association (AFA) which is a civilian education organization dedicated to public understanding of aerospace power.

Over the years we’ve bought, sold and serviced dozens Airflight watches.  Most were chrome plated but the were also made with solid gold and gold plated cases.

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BUSHIPS Canteen Frogman Watches

Buships Canteen Frogman Watches

Elgin and Hamilton had some of the most unique designs for early waterproof dive watches. These watches were used by the Navy Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) during World War II.  Also known as Frogman or Canteen watches, these watches had a screw-on cap that prevented the winding crown area from water penetration.

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Breitling Chronomat 217012

Breitling Chronomat Watches 808 769

Shown here are the reference 769 and 808 models.  These came with various combinations of case material including solid gold, stainless steel, chrome plated tops and gold plated tops.

The dials can be used for various mathematical calculations which made them very useful for military, engineering, medial and production applications.  Calculations Include :

  • Elapsed Time from 1/5 Second to 45 Minutes
  • The Speed of an Object (Tachymeter)
  • The Distance Between Two Points (Telemeter)
  • Percentages
  • Prime Costs
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Interest Exchange Rates
  • Pulse Rate,
  • Metronome (Pulsimeter)
  • Production Rate
  • Multiplication and Division

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Tissot Navigator

1550's Tissot Navigator

Since 1853 Tissot has been well known for creative timepiece design and skilled craftsmanship.  One of our favorites is the Tissot Navigator in it’s original design dating back to 1951.  These came in different cases including 14K gold, 18K gold, stainless steel, gold filled and gold filled with a stainless back.

A must have for world travelers, the Tissot Navigator stands out due to it’s large 36mm case and wide numbered bezel.  Quickly glance at the watch and know the time across the country or around the globe.  The robust 17 jewel, automatic winding world time movement keeps the watch running without winding and can tell the time anywhere, day or night.  When you combine it’s early horological advances and stunning design you end up with a 60 year old vintage masterpiece of sophistication and elegance!

Note the top left version which is solid gold and has much thinner non-luminous hands. It also has a larger pusher instead of the smaller pin pusher that you’ll find on the stainless steel models.  Another difference is that the solid gold watches have a snap on back while the steel versions have a screw on back.

It’s interesting to note that the watch at bottom left has red cities for the USA time zones indicating it was made for the United States market.

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