Tag Heuer Searacer Regatta Countdown Chronograph
Order Number: 019135


TAG Heuer Searacer Yacht Timer Chronograph
Watch with Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet.  
Signed TAG Heuer 5 Times on the Dial, Case,
Crown, Bracelet and Movement.  Comes With
Original Boxes and Booklet.

Solid Stainless Steel Screwback Case with
Round Pushers and Sapphire Crystal.  
Uni-Directional Rotating Bezel.  Case Signed
TAG Heuer.  Original Heuer Signed
Screw-Down Crown.

Origianl Finish Silver White Yacht Timer Chrono
Dial with 12 Hour and 1/10 Second Registers.  
Date Aperture at 6:00.   Right Register Counts
1/10 Seconds.  Left Register is 12 Hour
Recorder or Points Down when in Countdown

Swiss Made, Heuer Quartz Movement With New
Battery Installed.  Signed TAG Heuer.  Excellent
Running Condition with All Functions
Operational.   Movement Serviced by Farfo.com
TAG Heuer Repair.

Watch Band:
Original TAG Heuer Stainless Steel Band with All
Original Links.  Double Locking Clasp.  

37mm Diameter Bezel Excluding Crown x 44mm
Top to Bottom.  20mm Lug Spacing.

Excellent + Original Condition.  Comes with a 90
Day Mechanical Warranty.  

SOLD - Contact Us If You Have One To
Sell Or If You Require Vintage Watch Repair
or Vintage Watch Restoration Service.
TAG Heuer Searacer

Functions and Operation:
This Chronograph Functions as a 12 Hour Recorder with Minute Register and 1/10 Second Counter.  In
this Mode You Begin Recording by Pressing the top Button.  The Black Center Chronograph Hand
Counts Seconds.  After One Minute Has Elapsed, the Large Red Counter Hand Advances 1 Minute.  
After 1 Hour Has Elapsed, the Left Register Will Increment by 1.  If At Any Time During This
Recording the Top Button is Pressed, The Timer will Pause and the Right Register will Advance
Showing The Elapsed Time Down to the 1/10 Second.  When the Top Button is Pressed Again, the
Timer Will Begin From Where it Was Stopped.  If at Any Time During the Recording the Bottom
Button is Pressed, All Hands Will Pause Allowing You to Take an Intermediate Reading While the
Internal Timer Continues to Run.  Once the Bottom Button is Pressed Again, The Hands Will "Catch
Up" to Where They Would Have Been Had you not Paused to Take Your Intermediate Reading.  In this
way, you can Continue to Time an Event While Taking an Intermediate Reading.  

This Chronograph Also Functions as a Countdown Timer for Yacht Racing.  By Depressing and
Holding the Bottom Chronograph Button the Chronograph is Put into "Countdown" Mode.  This will be
Indicated by the Red Left Register Hand Pointing in the Downward Position.  The Left Register Does
Not Have a Timing Function in this Mode and Only Acts as a Countdown Mode Indicator.  Once
Countdown Mode is Activated, Pressing the Top Chronograph Pushers Begin the Countdown Timing.  
The Center Black Chronograph Hand will Count Seconds.  The Large Red Chronograph Hand Will
Advance Every 10 Seconds and by Using the Outer Dial Chapter The Red Hand Will Count Down for
10 Minutes.  Once the 10 Minute Countdown Has Completed, the Chronograph will Automatically
Switch Back to Standard Chronograph Timing Mode and the Left Register Will Point Up.

I think that about covers it...